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Drip Irrigation and Automation System Accessories

Niagara Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Irrigation accessories for Drip Irrigation, Micro Irrigation, Smart Irrigation, and other Irrigation automation systems. With our wide network of dealers and distributors, we serve our farmers and customer with speed and efficiency at at affordable price. Key points of our Irrigation accessories are as follows.

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The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere.

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IoT-based smart farming is highly efficient when compared with the conventional approach.

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It monitors the light, humidity, soil moisture, and temperature. It not only targets large farming operations, but we adopt organic and small farming.

Accessories Includes

*  Automatic solenoid valve
*  Compressor valve air change over timer
*  On Delay timer
*  moisture sensor
*  magnetic level sensor
*  float switches
*  SRS Light masters
*  Real time cyclic timer
*  AC to DC Adapter
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Key Benefits of Product

Sunlight Monitoring
Humidity Check
Monitor Soil Moisture
Temperature Monitoring
Our company’s main objective is to provide a complete water management automation system for the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors.
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